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Earn cash with email marketing list building

Category: Internet Marketing

123 Cash FormulaWith 123 Cash Formula you can now copy the most successful and experienced internet marketers online and earn thousands of dollars from sending emails.?

Over the past few years, one of the common terms amongst Internet Gurus has been ringing in every would be internet marketers ears: “The money is in the list”. it’s hard not to take the concept seriously.

Therefore, you should take this concept seriously and start building your own mailing list of targeted subscribers. Especially if earning money over and over from the same traffic and visitors appealing to you.

If you don’t know this already, a “list” is simply a collection of names and emails from people who visited your site and became subscribers using an opt-in box, usually in exchange for useful info or a free gift relevant to the content of your site.

Once these targeted subscribers become “your list”, you can send them follow up messages and if you do it correctly, make money from commissions with your affiliate links to products or services you direct your subscribers to.

All of this sounds amazing, but you’re probably wondering how to build a list and what is needed in order to get people to subscribe? How do you send them emails? What are you going to say or sell to these people?

There are so many questions on a newbie’s mind but don’t worry, this new proven “online money making” product called 1-2-3 Cash Formula has all the answers and secret formulas to ensure your success.

I really rate this product because it’s a complete step by step guide which is used daily by the wealthiest marketers online. Follow the detailed instructions on how to set up your very own list building website and you will earn money at home for years to come.

Everything you need is included so you don’t even have to worry if you don’t have website building skills, because it includes a set of free high quality list building sites you can call your own and easily set up in an hour. Unlike many other ‘make money’ products, 1-2-3 Cash Formula is a TOTAL Business-In-A-Box solution and you’ll be amazed at the quality of the included sites you can use.
Just take a look at what’s included in this complete A to Z guide :

  1. How to collect emails and names from your web page on complete autopilot . . . even if you are asleep! (ALL the top earners internet marketing Gurus use this technique to make money 24/7)
  2. A collection of easy to follow video tutorials to guide you through building your own profitable opt-in web page.
  3. Exactly how to capitalize on the subscribers who join your mailing list. (Allowing you to earn money from the same traffic and subscribers for years to come)
  4. A set of beautifully designed website templates and detailed instructions on how to personalize them for list building.
  5. Not just what to write in your email messages but an actual set of ready-to-use messages for you to cash in on from instantly. (With the amount of brainpower and time you’ll save, I thought this was worth the price alone)
  6. How to attract tons of targeted traffic to your own website, completely free. (Without this, your site is useless)

Some internet marketers lists contain tens or even hundreds of thousands subscribers. Can you even guess the amount of money they earn out of their lists?

Send only one email to fifty thousand people with your link promoting an affiliate product in it and find out for yourself!

Let’s say only 20% (10,000) of those people clicked on the link in your message and only 1% bought the product, that’s 100 sales. Multiply this number by however much you would earn as an affiliate, let’s say $35, and you’ve just earned a $3500 commission for sending only 1 email!

So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get started earning money online, or you want to add to your existing online business, 1-2-3 Cash Formula is the solution. And keep in mind that the great thing about building your Email maling list is you can keep on making cash from the same people for many years to come!

Category: Internet Marketing

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